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Ngystle Society

162 2nd Ave, Skidegate, BC

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  • Education
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  • Encouraging wellness, wholeness and healing of the mind, body and spirit
  • Trinfinity 8, BioMat, whole body vibration machine therapy
  • Meditation and wellness classes and workshops
  • Cultural and spiritual workshops

Meet The Staff & Board of the Ngystle Society

The Staff & Board of the Ngystle Society is the owner of Ngystle Society

The Ngystle Society is a unique organization and perhaps the only one of its kind in BC. The volunteer, board-governed society provides a variety of wellness therapies as well as education through workshops, classes and sessions. Topics include meditation, cultural topics and practices like drum making and cedar weaving. Board secretary, Kay Watson, is proud of the programs and classes that the society offers and of its commitment to the Haida First Nations culture.

A big part of the society’s success is due to the community spirit that is prevalent throughout Haida Gwaii. “There is an intimacy here that is not always found in larger cities or towns,” Kay explains, “and you may get to know others that you have never met through individuals you already know.” This familiarity lends itself well to the society’s mandate to improve the health and well-being of community members as the people who run the society and help provide services and instruction often get the opportunity to work with people that they know.

Life on the islands, Kay notes, is relaxed, casual and laid-back. People have more time for one another and these things help to provide a high-quality lifestyle for residents. Island-living has other benefits too, Kay adds, like the ease of going anywhere and getting there quickly (without having to contend with traffic). And, of course, the scenery can’t be beaten.

Empowering. Supportive. Open-Minded.

The Ngystle Society is a non-profit, volunteer board-governed organization dedicated to encouraging wholeness, well-being and spiritual healing of community members through a variety of means. The Ngystle Society offers Trinfinity 8, BioMat and whole body vibration machine therapy. The society also holds regular classes and workshops on cultural and spiritual topics, including drum-making, as well as meditation sessions. Ngystle encourages and supports community members to take responsibility for their own growth and healing and to become active leaders and role models in their communities. The society is very involved in the Aboriginal community and strives to preserve the Haida Gwaii culture on the islands through education and awareness.

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  • 9:00 am - 4:30 pm


  • 162 2nd Ave
  • Skidegate, BC
  • V0T 1S1, Canada