Winona Olson, Registered Massage Therapist in Haida Gwaii

Winona Olson, Registered Massage Therapist

59 Mountain View Heights Drive, Queen Charlotte, BC

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Meet Winona Olson

Winona Olson is the owner of Winona Olson, Registered Massage Therapist

Winona Olson moved to Haida Gwaii at the age of two. With the exception of a few years in Victoria to complete her massage therapy training, she has lived on the islands her whole life. When it came to starting her professional life, there was no where else Winona would have gone but home to Haida Gwaii. “I love it here!” she says. “We are so lucky and blessed here to be surrounded by pristine nature and wildlife.”

Winona recalls giving her mom massages as a little girl, and that experience stayed with her throughout her growing up years. After graduating high school she took a year off to think about her future, and quickly realized that she was meant for a career in massage therapy. Since returning home and starting her practice in 2014, Winona has felt overwhelmingly supported by the community and her many friends and acquaintances on Haida Gwaii. Having grown up here, many of her clients are also her friends, and it adds depth and meaning to both her business and to the effectiveness of the therapeutic services she provides to clients. Winona is excited to see how much growth has taken place in the business community recently, noting that there are more new, innovative businesses popping up here. “It seems like more people are willing to take risks and start new kinds of businesses that we haven’t had before,” she says.

Winona loves the outdoors and nature and much of her down time is spent on outdoor activities and sports, like surfing. Winona works with Haida Gwaii Recreation three days per week and gets to lead a group of students in surfing as well as teaching improv and dance.

Relaxing. Restorative. Comfortable.

Winona Olson, Registered Massage Therapist offers a range of therapeutic modalities for treating acute and chronic pain and promoting ongoing wellness and physical and mental health. Treatments include general relaxation massage, myofascial release, contract relax, trigger point release, craniosacral, joint mobilizations and any other modalities listed under the RMT scope of practice. Massage therapy with a Registered Massage Therapist provides numerous health benefits, including pain relief and management, improved joint mobility, lymph drainage and circulation, stress and tension reduction, faster recovery from injury and illness and improved mental health. As a Registered Massage Therapist, Winona Olson is qualified to assess pain associated with muscles and joints and to recommend and deliver a course of treatment that meets an individuals specific and unique needs. Winona Olson received her training from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. She is a member of the College of Massage Therapists of BC and the Massage Therapists Association of BC. Treatment is available in her Queen Charlotte clinic and at Eri-Cut and Nailed in Skidegate.

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  • 59 Mountain View Heights Drive
  • Queen Charlotte, BC
  • V0T 1S1, Canada

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