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Art by Kayoko

41 Bayview Dr, Port Clements, BC

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  • Original artwork, prints and cards
  • Nature-inspired works of watercolour and acrylic painting
  • Available at the Sitka Studio, the Nature Centre at Delkatla and the Haida Gwaii Museum

Meet Kayoko Daugert

Kayoko Daugert is the owner of Art by Kayoko

For artist Kayoko Daugert, the day-to-day tasks of life are just things to get through so that she can spend her time doing what she really wants to do….. paint. “I wish practical parts of life weren’t so demanding,” she laments. “I would like to spend more time fiddling with paper, pencils & paints.” In fact, it was what called her into retirement from her job at the post office. “I needed more time to paint!”

Kayoko’s deep connection to nature and wildlife is evident in her watercolour and acrylic paintings, many of which have been made into prints and cards. Most depict wildlife and scenery and many of those are reflective of what she sees every day outside of her window and around the beaches and trails of Haida Gwaii. “I see a dozen or more scenes every day that I could paint.”

Selling her work became a necessary means of supporting her painting habit. Kayoko is also quick to point out that her husband is her biggest fan and that it is his support that allows her to keep doing what she loves. Kayoko spends the better part of every day with a paintbrush in hand, though she does put it down occasionally to volunteer at the Port Clements Museum and to work in her garden during the summer.

Warm. Original. Soothing.

Artist Kayoko Daugert draws inspiration for her acrylic and watercolour paintings from nature, and specifically from the wildlife and natural scenery in Haida Gwaii. Having spent many years living in some of the world’s largest cities, Kayoko is finding her true passion on the misty islands of northern BC and her work is reflective of her connection to this unique and often breath-taking setting. Kayoko’s original paintings as well as prints and cards are available in various venues throughout Haida Gwaii, including Sitka Studio in Tlell, the Nature Centre at Delkatla and the Haida Gwaii Museum Gift Shop in Skidegate or directly from Kayoko’s home studio.

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  • 41 Bayview Dr
  • Port Clements, BC
  • V0T 1R0, Canada

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