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Meet Linda Leitch

Linda Leitch is the owner of Blue-Sky Charters

Linda Leitch has never lived in the city. In fact, even Haida Gwaii’s towns, like Masset, seem big compared to what Linda is used to. She has always lived in rural areas and believes that this lifestyle has helped to make her what she is today. “Small communities teach you about independence and being inventive” says Linda, “about strong morals and ethics, how to help one another.” This spirit, she notes, is definitely exemplified on a daily basis here on Haida Gwaii. Linda regularly sees people pitching in to help one another as well as to care for the land and the environment. “We gain support from our close community,” Linda declares.

Linda, who has also lived in Ontario in the past, fell in love with island life. She has a deep appreciation for its rugged, natural beauty. She volunteers frequently to do marine debris clean-up in Naikoon Provincial Park in an effort to help keep Haida Gwaii’s natural areas beautiful and healthy for upcoming generations to continue enjoying. Linda spends a lot of time outdoors, whether it is volunteering in the park, going for hikes, walking her dogs or going beach-combing. A sailing enthusiast, she naturally spends a lot of time on the water, both for work and for fun. When tourist season wraps up for the winter, Linda can be found on her sailboat for up to two months at a time, cruising BC’s northern coast and enjoying the amazing sights. She has even written stories about sailing which have been published in Pacific Yachting magazine.

Linda feels grateful to be able to have a business here in Haida Gwaii. Not only does it provide a means for her to live in this beautiful place, it also provides visitors with the opportunity to get to know Haida Gwaii. Linda has noticed an increase in recent years in people who are looking for eco-tourism based holidays, and she is happy to show her guests what makes Haida Gwaii such a mystical place.

Relaxing. Family-Oriented. Beautiful.

Blue-Sky Charters offers sailing excursions and guided sport fishing trips in and around the waters of the pristine islands of Haida Gwaii. Sail around the north end of Graham Island on a 32 foot Oday sailboat on a two-night trip that may include shrimping in Masset Inlet, crabbing in Naden Harbour and whale-watching around Wiah Point. Guests can also design their own sailing adventure, visiting places of personal interest throughout the islands. Overnight trips include on-board V-berth accommodation or shoreline camping. Trips can be tailored to your needs and are excellent for families with children. Guests who want an amazing fishing adventure will be guided on a Bayliner Trophy power boat in search of salmon, halibut and other species of fish. Haida Gwaii’s waters are teeming with a variety of fish just ready for catching, and of course, fishing guests will be able to take in all of the amazing sights around the islands. Blue-Sky Charters’ captain has over thirty years of experience as a commercial fisherman and sport fishing guide. Guest safety and satisfaction is a top priority.

Blue Sky Charters also offers quaint, convenient cabin accommodations for visitors to Haida Gwaii. The one-room, private, self-contained cabin features a queen size bed, washroom and full kitchen. Located in the Tow Hill area, the cabin on the Chown River front is just a five minute walk from the beach and ten minutes from town. The cabin is available year-round for public rental.

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  • 514 Sangan Dr
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