Chy Tonn Cabin in Haida Gwaii

Chy Tonn Cabin

16247 Tow Hill Rd, Masset, BC

  • Tourism, Travel & Lodging
  • An intimate and immersive beach-front living experience
  • Connected and yet private location, off-the-grid utilizing solar panels.
  • Lovely kitchen, retreat space, wood-fired sauna and wave-action beach

Meet Robyn Irvine & Joe Thorley

Robyn Irvine & Joe Thorley is the owner of Chy Tonn Cabin

Robyn Irvine and Joe Thorley have created a home away from home that doesn’t compromise the integrity of the rugged, wild Haida Gwaii oceanfront. The couple is proud of the environmentally friendly solar technology that their cabin utilizes, honouring the renowned park by ensuring it remains in its pristine state.

Building their business near Masset has been an adventure. The surrounding community has been extremely supportive, taking care of each other when the need is there. Everyone from Haida Gwaii is so vested in their economic and community development, volunteers dive into countless projects and community events. Robyn enjoys assisting with the Tow Hill Road Community Association and Joe teaches surf lessons to local youth in his spare time. It’s what makes island life so great.

Robyn says that “everyone is so friendly. We have unique houses, unique people with fiercely individual personalities, friendly surf lineup, great volunteers and people with so many talents.”

Warm. Unique. Private.

Unplug from all the noise and chaos while you settle into a serene Haida Gwaii retreat. Located in the majestic Naikoon Provincial Park, Chy Tonn Cabin has all the answers for a beach-front vacation filled with peace and quiet.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, family vacation, or an epic surf trip, this off-grid home provides guests with an experience of a lifetime. Solar power fuels just enough energy to keep you tapped in if you want to.

Enjoy the hot, outdoor shower, the warmth of the wood-fired sauna, the insane beach-side scenery or the renowned surf waves right out front your doorstep.

The beach is speckled with agates and sea life, providing hours of fun for the kids. There is a strong, LTE cell signal, just in case connectivity is a requirement. All shopping amenities are easily accessible at just 15 minutes down the road.

While just a few miles away from the town of Masset, solitude and privacy await at the Chy Tonn Cabin.

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  • 16247 Tow Hill Rd
  • Masset, BC
  • V0T1M0, Canada

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