Duffy's Guesthouse in Haida Gwaii

Duffy's Guesthouse

3419 Oceanview Dr, Queen Charlotte, BC

  • Tourism, Travel & Lodging
  • Three relaxing accommodation options to choose from
  • Close proximity to Queen Charlotte Village shops and eateries
  • Full amenities included, topped off with outstanding ocean panoramic views

Meet Donna Duffy and John Thomas

Donna Duffy and John Thomas is the owner of Duffy's Guesthouse

Donna Duffy and John Thomas began Duffy’s Guesthouse in 2015. Donna and John have created an ambience that they would want to experience in a holiday for themselves. They care about their guests and want only the best for visitors’ experience in Haida Gwaii.

The entire community possesses the same good nature. Donna raved of the strong community spirit, where people wave at you and say ‘hi!’. “It’s part of who we are,” said Donna, “people support each other and care.”

When Donna and John have the time after taking care of their guests, they enjoy being active with sports and visiting with friends. It’s the perfect community for connecting with others. It’s what people in Haida Gwaii do.

Cozy. Classy. Convenient.

Haida Gwaii is an untouched paradise. Many compare it to Hawaii; the tropics of the North. The cultural and geographical richness is unparalleled anywhere else in the world. With lush rainforests and serene vistas, Haida Gwaii is home to Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, a truly unforgettable destination. National Geographic selected Haida Gwaii as one of the 20 Best Trips for 2015.

The artistic nature of the local communities infiltrates every aspect of island living. First Nations culture boasts a healthy population and takes great pride in their heritage. The aboriginal influence is celebrated, including the Haida Heritage Site and the Sgang Gwaay UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the last authentic west coast First Nations village.

Enjoy your stay in Queen Charlotte City at the beautiful Duffy’s Guesthouse. With a convenient location for exploring all that Haida Gwaii has to offer, Duffy’s Guesthouse will provide you with comfortable accommodations after you gallivant through the spectacular, world-renowned sites.

There are three relaxing options to choose from ranging from luxury vacation home to quaint cottages, all with panoramic ocean views. Each rental offers a flat-screen satellite TV, free Wifi, toiletries, parking, and more. Enjoy your private terrace overlooking the bay, then take in the funky shops and cozy cafes, just a short stroll to the centre of Queen Charlotte Village. Duffy’s Guesthouse has it all.

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Haida Gwaii is the destination of all destinations. Isn’t it time you checked it off of your bucket list?

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  • Locations:
  • 3419 Oceanview Dr
  • 3424 3 Ave


  • 3419 Oceanview Dr
  • Queen Charlotte, BC
  • V0T 1S0, Canada

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