Studio on the Hill - Sheila Karrow in Haida Gwaii

Studio on the Hill - Sheila Karrow

3518 Third Ave, Queen Charlotte, BC

  • Education
  • Arts & Hand Crafts
  • Watercolour and acrylic paintings with a distinct Haida Gwaii flavour
  • Art classes and workshops
  • Art instruction for children, youth and adults

Meet Sheila Karrow

Sheila Karrow is the owner of Studio on the Hill - Sheila Karrow

For professional artist Sheila Karrow, art-making is “a way of seeing and a way of being.” Sheila has long been captivated by details that others often miss, such as the way sunlight hits a surface and how it works and blends colour. A lover of the environment, Sheila draws much of her inspiration for her work from the stunning and unspoiled land and seascape of Haida Gwaii. “Here in Haida Gwaii,” she notes, “we are all about the environment.” Many of her works depict familiar things like sea life and plants, but in an abstract and surreal way that is characteristic of her unique style.

Sheila, who has been a long-time resident of Haida Gwaii, is also a school teacher. She loves being able to communicate both her passion for art and her fervour for the environment with her young students. In addition to teaching art to primary school students, she also teaches at the community level through private and group art classes and art workshops.

In spite of the unique challenges of remote island living, Sheila has embraced it for all of its benefits. Unlike cities that are full of distractions, Haida Gwaii’s environment compels you to be connected to nature. “There’s not a lot of human interference here,” she notes. “I see river otters and eagles on my way to work. When I go out my front door I have fresh, clean air to breathe. It’s a beautiful, raw place to live.”

Artistic. Original. Creative.

Artist Sheila Karrow’s work will make you see the natural world from a new and fresh perspective. Sheila specializes in nature and, particularly, the flora and fauna that are characteristic of Haida Gwaii and the ocean. Sheila’s work communicates a literal as well as metaphorical understanding of the world. Her works in acrylic and watercolour depict a familiarity with nature, yet in a way that challenges the viewer’s notions of the natural world through abstract design and helps the viewer to think of the environment and his or her own relationship to it, as well as each living thing’s relationship to every other. Sheila Karrow’s extensive education and experience includes teaching painting and drawing to others through regular local workshops.

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  • 3518 Third Ave
  • Queen Charlotte, BC
  • Canada

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