Sylvia Young Haida Weaver & Artist in Haida Gwaii

Sylvia Young Haida Weaver & Artist

314 4th Ave, Skidegate, BC

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Meet Sylvia Young

Sylvia Young is the owner of Sylvia Young Haida Weaver & Artist

Sylvia Young draws most of the inspiration for her artwork from nature, which is why Haida Gwaii is the perfect place for her to live. “There is no better place on the planet,” says Sylvia. Surrounded by nature, much of it untouched and wild, Sylvia finds many sources of inspiration: the ocean, the rivers and the ancient rainforests. Another thing that Sylvia appreciates about life on Haida Gwaii is the peace and quiet. It is a wonderful place for artists to contemplate.

Sylvia is also grateful for the people who live in Haida Gwaii. Those who live here are especially friendly and open to one another, says Sylvia, always ready to lend a hand when it’s needed. “It is home to good people,” she says.

Sylvia spends a lot of time in nature, but her favourite place to spend time is at home with her family. Family is very important to Sylvia and so she always makes family time a priority.

Dynamic. Creative. Unique.

Weaver and artist Sylvia Young draws on her Haida heritage and culture to create modern designs with distinctive Haida flavour. Using traditional cedar weaving techniques, Sylvia Young creates a variety of pieces including cedar roses, hair pieces, lamps, rattles, baskets, hats, ceremonial pieces and items and more. Many items are decorated with beadwork and painted Haida designs. Sylvia Young’s work has been exhibited in various venues and events throughout Haida Gwaii, including the All-Island Art Show. Sylvia Young is available for custom and commission work.

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  • 314 4th Ave
  • Skidegate, BC
  • V0T 1S0, Canada

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