Thomas Greene - Traditional Haida Carver in Haida Gwaii

Thomas Greene - Traditional Haida Carver

211 Front St, Skidegate, BC

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Meet Thomas Greene

Thomas Greene is the owner of Thomas Greene - Traditional Haida Carver

Thomas Greene was raised in Skidegate by his Nuni and Uncle. It was his Nuni who instilled in Tom a deep appreciation for nature and living by the seasons. It was this early teaching and foundation that would later influence his artwork.

Tom spent many of his professional years working in various industries on the island, including fishing, commercial diving and tree falling. But he often wrestled with the idea of doing work that wasn’t compatible with his belief in and attachment to the natural environment. Later, Tom worked in archaeology on the island and uncovering artifacts and pieces of Haida history helped Tom to make a deeper connection with his own Haida heritage. Those experiences played a significant role in his decision to hone his carving skills and pursue art and jewellery-making as a profession.

For Tom, living in a small town on an island means having a network of supporters that you can depend on. “People trying to live together are much more friendly,” says Tom, and having lived here for so long he knows just about everyone. “It’s a much more peaceful way to live than in a city,” he adds. Here, he lives by the ocean and gets outside every day to walk (in ALL kinds of weather) and enjoys the natural environment that plays such an important role in his life and work.

Creative. Artistic. Affordable.

Professional Haida artist Thomas Alexander Greene draws on his cultural heritage, creativity and skill to create one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewellery pieces. Graced with traditional depictions of eagles, bears, ravens, killer whales, wolves, hummingbirds and dogfish, his mediums include silver, gold and other precious metals formed into spectacular bracelets, earrings, pendants and more. Custom orders are available upon request. Tom is passionate about making art affordable and works closely with customers to create pieces that are both beautiful and economical.

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  • 211 Front St
  • Skidegate, BC
  • V0T 1S1, Canada

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